Policies & Guidelines

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Policies & Guidelines

IR Policy

DSV focuses on generating sound financial results and continuing the positive development of the Group for the benefit of all investors.

Open and Active Dialogue
DSV aims to maintain a high and uniform level of information, the top priority being an open and active dialogue with investors and analysts in order to ensure that all available information is reflected at all times in the expectations made of DSV.

Investor Meetings
DSV holds investor meetings for analysts and investors, e.g. in connection with the publishing of interim reports. The presentation of the interim reports is webcast via our website to ensure that all stakeholders obtain the same high level of information about DSV. Webcasting activities are done together with the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. Furthermore, DSV's Management holds road shows in Denmark and abroad to the widest possible extent.

Free Mailing Service
All interim reports and selected stock exchange announcements are sent to the registered shareholders who subscribe for mail delivery of shareholder material from DSV. All announcements are delivered electronically free of charge to subscribers for the DSV e-mail service.

Stock Exchange Announcements
All announcements to NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen can be found on the DSV website to the extent that they are electronically available.

DSV Moves
In addition, DSV publishes a corporate magazine, DSV Moves, on a quarterly basis. The magazine is aimed at investors, customers and employees and focuses on company news, business developments, etc. An electronic version of the magazine can be found in the menu About DSV.

Rules of Procedure - Board Committees

Audit Committee

Nomination Committee

Remuneration Committee

Remuneration Policy

DSV has adopted a Remuneration Policy which lays down the guidelines for determining and approving the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Board. The Remuneration Policy is designed to always reflect the goal of being able to attract and retain a competent Management in order to continuously create long-term value for the DSV shareholders.

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