Communication with Shareholders

Communication with Shareholders

If you wish to receive Company Announcements and other information from us via email, please select Email Alerts and follow the instructions.

Shareholder Portal

As a shareholder you can log onto the Shareholder Portal and register your email address and register for forthcoming general meetings.
Log on to the Shareholder Portal (English) or Aktionærportal (Danish).
The Shareholder Portal is developed by Computershare and if you require assistance in using the Shareholder Portal, please contact Computershare by email:

DSV's Investor Relations Policy:

  • Ensure relevant, accurate, balanced and timely information is made available to capital markets as a basis for regular trading and fair pricing of DSV shares.
  • Make sure that DSV is perceived as a visible, reliable, accessible and professional company by the capital markets.
  • Ensure that information from the capital markets is channelled back to DSV’s Executive Management and Board of Directors.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable relevant rules and regulations.

Company announcements

Company announcements are published in accordance with applicable law and regulations for companies listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen and will be made available on the Company’s website immediately when released.

All company announcements including annual and interim financial reports are published in English.

Silent period

For a period of four weeks prior to the release of the annual and interim financial reports, DSV maintains a silent period and therefore does not comment on or discuss any matters related to financial results or expectations.