Equity story

Equity story

  • One of the world’s leading freight forwarders with a strong M&A track record.
  • Asset-light business model which enables us to scale our activities to market growth and demand.
  • Targeting organic growth that exceeds market growth, in a market that is expected to grow in line with global GDP.
  • Industry leading profitability and strong cash flow generation.
  • Experienced management team.

Capital allocation and dividend policy

Our priority for capital allocation:

  1. Repayment of net interest-bearing debt in periods when the financial gearing ratio is above target range.
  2. Value-adding investments in the form of acquisitions or development of the existing business.
  3. Distribution to the shareholders by means of share buybacks and dividends.

DSV aims to ensure an annual dividend pay-out ratio of approximately 10-15% of net profit.

Financial outlook for the current year can be found in our latest investor presentation.