DSV, 790 - Chairman Kurt K. Larsen steps down


Company Announcement No. 790

Today, Kurt K. Larsen has informed the Board of Directors that he wishes to resign as Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of DSV A/S, effective as of today.

Kurt K. Larsen has been a part of DSV since 1989 and a pivotal figure in the development of the history of DSV.

Thomas Plenborg, Deputy Chairman of the Board: "On behalf of the Board and the company, I wish to thank Kurt K. Larsen for his exceptional contribution to DSV. Throughout 30 years, Kurt K. Larsen has faithfully worked to deliver outstanding results, and he has played a major part in the company’s continued success. We wish Kurt an enjoyable and well-deserved retirement with his family.”

At an extraordinary meeting later today, the Board of Directors will elect a new chairman. 

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